Arabic is on the top ten list of most spoken language in the world, and we have received a tremendous number of requests for this language. Speaking a second language puts your child ahead of the crowd when it comes to jobs and travel and Arabic is an excellent language to have in the tool box.

Our newest addition to the Crossing Borders Camps, Arabic Camp is already getting a lot of attention. Although Arabic can be challenging to learn, kids are able to absorb and learn it quickly. Similar to our other language camps, mornings focus on learning new vocabulary and grammar while afternoons are used for interactive activities such as games, conversation, and role playing to help students use and practice their new language. On Friday Fundays, we bring in on-site school adventures like snake and magic shows, and kids 7+ years of age can go on field trips to local attractions.

Classes are developed to be interactive and enjoyable, where everyone can speak and write in their new language. Our Arabic instructors are trained, qualified, and native speakers of Arabic so they experts in the language. Kids are grouped by age and language fluency.

Children can join our camps as young as 4 years old,
and teens can join up to 16 years old.