Everyone Can Learn a Language

At Crossing Borders Camps, we are passionate about teaching new languages and cultures to kids from around the world, and we are better at it than any other camp. We have more than 16 years of language teaching experience and our teachers are all native speakers of the language they are teaching. This ensures proper grammar and vocabulary, while also giving every student the best tips and tricks tolearning and retaining the language.

We teach English, Spanish, Mandarin, French, and Arabic, four of which are among the most spoken languages on the planet. The diversity of our staff and students makes Crossing Borders a truly international language center.

Class Design

Our language camps are filled with a variety of language learning activities created for each child’s age and fluency level. We start the day with vocabulary, grammar, listening, and speaking skills, followed by afternoon hours of interactive games, challenges, and activities to give every student time to practice their new language in real situations.

Our field trips to local attractions give the students time to make new friends and test their new language in a public environment while having a great time.

Our language camps are challenging, but students are rewarded with a lifetime of language and memories.


English (ESL), Spanish,
French, Mandarin
and Arabic.

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