Are there any benefits to learning a second language?

The benefits are huge! Many kids see benefits such as overall improved school performance, superior problem-solving skills, and they are more creative. Children also experience more self-confidence, the ability to communicate better with others, and an awareness of other cultures. Learning a second language prepares students for life in our multicultural, multilingual world and in some cases, may provide a competitive advantage in the workforce.

What is the best age to introduce a child to a second language?

The earlier they start, the better they become. Several studies indicate children who learn another language before the age of five learn with the same part of the brain they use to speak their first language. Younger children also are without inhibitions, therefore, they will speak naturally and with native-like pronunciation.

Is the curriculum flexible to allow for different levels of development?

Yes. Crossing Borders recognizes that children learn at different levels and paces. We offer a variety of levels, from basic beginner to advanced.

Will the teacher speak in the new language the entire class?

Our teachers make every effort to speak in the language being taught as much as possible. However, we also want the children to feel comfortable in their environment and to be encouraged to love their new language. For beginner students, commands are given first in the new language, then in their native tongue, as necessary. For those children who already have some knowledge or are fluent in the new language, teachers will make sure to challenge them.

Who Comes to Our Camps?

Children from Russia, China, Venezuela, Italy, Vietnam, Mexico, Romania, Holland, Germany, Colombia, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, and many other countries take part in this amazing language camp experience. Ages range from as young as 4 years old to as old as 12 years old. Some students are seeing a new language for the first time, while others are advanced but wanting to improve for academic or social confidence. Many students also enroll in the English program at Crossing Borders for that extra immersion to improve their communication skills in an American environment. Our camps give the youth and teens the needed assurance and confidence to speak the English language in public.

How long do people stay?

Kids can sign up for as little as two weeks, or they can spend the entire summer with us. Some come with their families for an amazing vacation, while others stay with friends or extended family in the Houston area.