Nearly 40% of English words come from French, and almost 11 million Americans speak French. That’s a lot of people speaking this wonderful language! Just think of the opportunities your child could have from speaking French.

With the international popularity of the French language, our French camps fill up quickly every summer. Kids learn this language with ease due to the relations with English. Our French summer camps focus on learning new vocabulary and grammar during the morning hours, and interactive activities such as games, conversation, and role playing during the afternoon hours. This gives students time to use and practice their new language. Friday Fundays give everyone time to see and learn new things. We have on-site school adventures like snake and magic shows, and kids 7+ years of age are eligible to participate in field trips to local attractions.

French camps are designed to be interactive and fun, giving every student ample time to speak and practice their new language. Our French instructors are trained, qualified, and native speakers of French so they know the tips and tricks to help learn a new language fast. Kids are grouped by age and language fluency.

Children can join our camps as young as 4 years old,
and teens can join up to 16 years old.