Mandarin is the most spoken language in the world, and we have great instructors teaching it. Just think of the benefits your child will receive by speaking this language! Learning Mandarin is a great way to ensure success in the future.

We introduced Mandarin Summer Camp three years ago, and it has grown every year since. Although Mandarin is a challenging language to learn, kids pick it up incredibly fast. Just like our other languages, mornings are dedicated to learning new vocabulary and grammar while afternoons are used for fun activities such as interactive games, conversation, and role playing to give students the opportunity to use and practice their new language. On Friday Fundays, students participate in on-site school adventures, or go on field trips to local attractions. (must be 7+ years old for filed trips)

Classes are designed to be interactive and fun, where everyone can speak and write in their new language. Our Mandarin instructors are trained, qualified, and native speakers of Mandarin so they experts in the language. Kids are grouped by Mandarin fluency and age.

Children can join our camps as young as 4 years old,
and teens can join up to 16 years old.